Shion Deysarkar

CEO & Co-Founder, Unified

About me

Shion is the CEO & Co-Founder of Unified - a social network for activism.

For the better part of a decade, Shion has worked to unlock the inner activist in everyone. His journey started in 2016, when the results of that election forced him to reckon with the very nature of American culture and motivated him to learn more about how social and political movements are formed and bring about change. That exploration brought him in touch with several local political campaigns, where he offered his experience in software and data science to build personalized messaging for hundreds of volunteers.

The success of those early efforts encouraged Shion to co-found Blue Squad, where he and others built a relational organizing tool that ended up being used by 40 organizations and reaching over 100,000 voters in the 2020 election cycle. While Blue Squad had made an impact and showed promise, Shion felt there was the opportunity to build something bigger - something that could bring about progressive change more swiftly, reliably, and decisively. He made the difficult decision to shut down Blue Squad and reform it as Unified, which would focus on serving the organizer directly and giving them the tools to build highly-engaged, action-oriented communities.

Since 2020, Shion and his team have been building not just the Unified product, but the Unified community as well. Later this year, that community will launch, with the goal of unlocking the activist in all of us.

Shion Deysarkar

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