A few opening remarks to welcome everyone and explain what makes Unified Jam so special.

Shion Deysarkar
CEO & Co-Founder, Unified
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Day 1
1:10 am

The Digital Difference

Digital tools promise to make organizers’ jobs easier, but which ones actually deliver? We’ll hear from practitioners from various campaigns and organizations about which tools have made a difference for them, as well as what gaps still exist in this market.

Day 1
2:10 am

Remember to Laugh

Activism is hard work - we know that. Sometimes we need a little reminder to enjoy the journey, not take things too seriously, and to have a laugh.

Day 1
3:10 am

Happy Hour

Pop open some bottles and bask in the afterglow. Music by Sammie Zonana

Day 1
12:10 am

Organizing in Overlooked Communities

Communities that are under-resourced, marginalized, and overlooked are often where the most innovative organizing happens. Hear from leaders in these communities on how they’re making a difference where no one thought it was possible.

Day 1
8:10 pm

Reclaiming Rights: Organizing in a Post-Roe World

Last year, the landscape for reproductive rights was fundamentally altered. This panel brings together individuals who have led and continue to lead the effort to (re)-secure those rights. They’ll share how their experiences help inform them on how to adapt organizing today to meet the challenges of this new landscape.

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