Steven McCarty

Business Development and Partnerships Lead, Stac Labs

About me

Steven McCarty is currently the Business Development and Partnerships Lead at stac labs. He has spent the past two election cycles working with State Democratic Parties to build programs centered on innovative technology. Steven’s career has spanned working with organized labor, campaigns, political technology, and partnership development, but his true passion is serving others. He has worked to support vulnerable communities through starting organizations like Abolish Racism and launching a groundbreaking partnership between the Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C., and SMYAL to provide free, affirming mental healthcare for queer and trans youth. In November 2022, Steven was elected as Commissioner for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2G04 in Washington, D.C., where he lives with his husband Rich and their rescue labrottie Brody. When Commissioner McCarty is not fighting for pedestrian safety, LGBTQ youth, affordable housing, and healthcare, he’s unwinding at home, binge-watching HBO’s Gossip Girl, and testing out new cocktail recipes.

Steven McCarty

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