Shion Deysarkar

CEO & Co-Founder



Shion is the CEO & Co-Founder of Unified - the social network for activism.

For the better part of a decade, Shion has worked to unlock the inner activist in everyone. His journey started in 2016, when the results of that election forced him to reckon with the very nature of American culture and motivated him to learn more about how social and political movements are formed and bring about change. That exploration brought him in touch with several local political campaigns, where he offered his experience in software and data science to build personalized messaging for hundreds of volunteers.

Since then, Shion has been building tools to help campaigns and advocacy organizations tap into the most vital aspects of community organizing and mobilization. His work has culminated in the development of Unified, which is launching its beta at Unified Jam 2024. With hundreds of organizations and individuals ready to join the platform, Shion is hoping to provide a single place for the entire progressive movement to organize, connect, and build a better future together.