Chris Trapani



Urban Cowboy Catering

Chef Chris Trapani is based in Austin, Texas, and is known as the "Urban Cowboy Chef," with a food truck and catering business. Chris Trapani is originally from Brooklyn, New York, and lived there for almost 30 years before moving to Austin a few years ago. He attended the Texas Culinary Academy and worked for several top catering companies in New York City and Austin in fine dining, corporate and casual dining. He has designed menus for celebrities, television networks, corporate facilities, film shoots and independent restaurant concepts. Chris is known for his kind and genuine approach to service and a deep love for the South and everything country. He has a diverse and passionate approach to food that is true to Texas and his urban roots.

Chris is now a proud and happy transgender male, standing tall and pursuing his passion with his partner of over 10 years. Chris' message to the young people who are transgender is: Do not let fear and shame control your life. There is indeed happiness on the other side if only you believe in yourself and be your authentic self. Chris believes perseverance and dedication pays off if you are willing to be true to yourself. His love and passion for food has always been constant for him, and now he is on his way to being the very best chef possible. His skills showcases his love for food.

Chris is the first transgender person to appear on the Food Network as a chef. He appeared on the show Chopped for the Great Food Truck Race, competing for $10,000.