Brigitte Bandit

Austin Activist and Drag Icon



Bandit has spoken against anti-drag bills in Texas since 2022, including Senate Bill 12 and Senate Bill 1601.

Her first testimony against Senate Bill 12 went viral, both for her full drag look (the photo of which was named one of Time's Top 100 Photos of 2023) and because she pointed out the "absurdity" of the bill because, as someone who was assigned female at birth and who performs a feminine character, Bandit would not be bound by the proposed laws. During her second testimony against the bill, later in 2023, Bandit again appeared in drag, in a dress which featured the Texas flag and the names of the children killed in the 2022 Uvalde shooting and the 2023 Allen, Texas shooting, with the slogan "Defend our kids against gun violence. Restrict guns, not drag" on her back. After the bill was passed, Bandit was one of five plaintiffs in the ACLU's lawsuit against it.

In December 2023, Dolly Parton gifted Bandit a custom guitar in honor of her activism.