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Day 1
2:10 am

Remember to Laugh

Activism is hard work - we know that. Sometimes we need a little reminder to enjoy the journey, not take things too seriously, and to have a laugh.

Day 1
10:00 pm


Vegan Pizza at Lil Nonna's Food Truck or Seafood from Huckleberry at Still Austin Whiskey!

Day 1
1:10 am

The Digital Difference

Digital tools promise to make organizers’ jobs easier, but which ones actually deliver? We’ll hear from practitioners from various campaigns and organizations about which tools have made a difference for them, as well as what gaps still exist in this market.

Day 1
11:10 pm

Persuasion, Inspiration, and Activation

How does someone go from apathetic to activist? What are the catalysts for change? This panel will cover the necessary ingredients to bring someone from disaffected to motivated and how organizers can use specific tactics to make this happen within individuals and communities.

Day 1
8:10 pm

Reclaiming Rights: Organizing in a Post-Roe World

Last year, the landscape for reproductive rights was fundamentally altered. This panel brings together individuals who have led and continue to lead the effort to (re)-secure those rights. They’ll share how their experiences help inform them on how to adapt organizing today to meet the challenges of this new landscape.

Day 1
7:10 pm

I Ran for Office - AMA

Get the first-hand accounts of candidates who ran for office in 2022. Looking back on their time on the campaign trail, what do they remember most? What would they have done differently? This is your chance to hear from and ask questions of some of the most prominent Texas-area candidates from last year’s election.

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